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Anyone who has owned a short term rental property knows what a nightmare dealing with laundry is. Guests are hard on sheets and towels! Often times they end stained or missing leaving your next guest surprised or without. Cleaning of the property is often completed well before the a full laundry cycle can be completed. This leads to laundry being taken off site to be finished which can lead to mix-ups and loss.

Your best option is to engage our Managed Linen Service

(This is quickly becoming standard throughout the country, especially given the increased cleaning standards brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic)

We own all white, hotel quality sheets and towels which we rent to you at on a per bed basis.

Benefits of Linen Service:

  • Your guests will always have clean, stain free, quality sheets and towels
  • Damaged items will be replaced
  • Stains are easily identified and either removed or the product is taken out of service
  • Whites can be bleached and washed in extremely hot water to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting according to CDC guidelines
  • Crisp white linens and towels look clean and give a great first impression
  • Lowered cost of operation (Laundry is done off site…we don’t use your laundry equipment or utilities for standard laundry)

Managed Linen Service:

  • We will be supplying all linen and sheets (you are never going to lose or need to replace another sheet, pillowcase, or towel again).
  • We will be inspecting each piece before it is taken to your home (no more surprise stains or tears).

How it works:

  • We provide sheets and towels on a per bed basis:

King, Queen, Full includes:

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 top sheet (over duvet),
  • up to 4 pillowcases,
  • 2 Bath towels,
  • 2 face towels

Twin includes:

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 top sheet (over duvet)
  • up to 2 pillowcases
  • 1 Bath towel
  • 1 face towels

Additional included:

  • 1 hand towel per sink
  • 1 kitchen towel

Cost: Simple… $10 per bed

Want to use your own sheets and towels? No problem, here is our process…

Our Laundry Procedure for your sheets and towels

There is often not enough time to complete all the laundry a property produces during a clean and before the next guest checks in. Because of this we require you have, at minimum, two complete sets of bedding for all beds and, at minimum, a second set of all towels needed when your property is at maximum capacity. However, we recommend quite a bit of extra linens and towels due to the fact that items do get stained, lost, or worn out by guests.

Clean bedding and towels are such an important part of ensuring your property is ready for the next guest, we make sure to wash every item that was or might have been used by the previous occupant. This creates a lot of laundry for our cleaners to complete. While we try our best to complete all laundry on site during a clean, many times this is not possible. When this occurs, we put the unfinished laundry into laundry bags, and label the bags with your property’s information on site. The bags are then brought to our facility at the end of the day where they are checked into our system and inventoried. The laundry is then cleaned, folded, and put back into the corresponding laundry bag. The laundry is kept at our facility until the next time your property is cleaned. At that time, it is checked out to the cleaner and then taken back to your property. If there are large breaks between cleanings, we try to return the laundry to your property sooner.