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Serving North Lake Tahoe with vacation home and second home cleaning.

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Chris and his team having been cleaning our Airbnb rental and doing an exceptional job! We have 25 reviews from guests all 5star for cleanliness and many comment how clean the place is in the review. Not only do they clean so well, they are dependable and have always…


Andy L.

Highly recommend this company. Josh and Chris are the dream team, I have never had such high quality communication, effort by the cleaners and all around seamless experience with cleaners in the 6 years I have been in property management for short term rentals. If you are looking for a housekeeper this company is the BEST!


Claire Ellinwood

I had a small ma and pa family run business responsible for cleaning my house that I rented on travel websites. At some point, North Lake Tahoe Cleaning must have taken over and maybe even purchased their clients accounts…one of which was me. I have to say I had been pleased with my previous housecleaners. However after North Lake Tahoe Cleaning took over…surprisingly…I was even MORE satisfied with their efforts. North Lake Tahoe cleaning has stepped up the level of service in all aspects. The actual cleaning is better…the care and attention to how I like to have the house setup and prepared for guests has improved…and communication has increased and with greater results. They are quick to let me know if items need repairs and/or restocked, etc. North Lake Tahoe has a team of individuals of which all are striving to solve our house related challenges. I’m rather certain you won’t be disappointed.


Ryan Gule

We are happy to have found North Lake Tahoe cleaning for our vacation rental. It has always been a challenge to find professional cleaners in the Tahoe area that show up reliably and do a great job. Chris has been very helpful and saved the day with very short notice on several occasions.


Caroline Weaver

Best home cleaning company we have come across in 30 years!


David Jampolsky

We have been working with Chris and crew for almost 2 years now! I own a vacation rental home in Tahoe Vista. They bend over backwards to make sure my house gets cleaned on time and thoroughly! Very easy to communicate with and have a great scheduling system as well as letting me know when the clean is done (we live 4 hours away). I know I can count on them even when I throw them a curveball with a last minute reservation or change in check out times


Kim Schott

I absolutely LOVE them! I have never had a cleaning service be so responsive and on top of it. I cannot recommend them enough. Because they can sync up to my VRBO rental page, I don’t even have to tell them about new cleans – super convenient! if you are looking for a reliable cleaning service that you can trust – call them!


Michelle Farris, LMFT

Great communication for cleaning my AirBnb. Super accommodative to individual requests. My reviews have pointed out the sparkling clean results I have gotten every time. Highly recommend. The principal owner is great to work with.


John Antolik

This company and the lovely people that clean our home are amazing! They put the extra effort into making sure that our house looks and feels very clean. Their customer service is spot on with quick response times and help with last minute requests. 100% recommend!


Jennifer Edwards

Keep it Klean is the best! Happy customer here. The cabin is always sparkling clean, very responsive, pleasure to work with!


Vadim T

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